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Senior Leadership Team

Simon Eardley Headteacher
Colin Marks Deputy Headteacher
Linda Harries SENCO Lead
Sarah Granville Key Stage One Team Leader / Year 2 Giraffes Class
Katy Wyatt Upper Key Stage Two Team Leader / Year 5 Wombats Class
Hayley Fidgett Lower Key Stage Two Team Leader / Year 4 Flamingos Class
Rachel Tansley English Subject Leader / Year 6 Toucans Class
Laura Porter Foundation Stage Lead / Penguins Class

Class Teachers

Jessica McIntosh Foundation Stage Magpies Class
Holly Ellis Year 1 Elephants Class
Jill Ironside Year 1 Iguanas Class
Kirsten Taylor-Scarff Year 2 Squirrels Class (New September 2020)
Lauren Morris Year 3 Macaws Class
Tom Newton Year 3 Nightingales Class
Catherine Chapman Year 4 Flamingos Class Maternity Cover (New September 2020)
Ben Cowles Year 4 Cobras Class
Faye Attwood Year 5 Armadillos Class
Joanne Simmons Year 6 Sharks Class
Anna Hayden  
Cover - Part Time
Emma Edwards Cover - Part Time

Support Staff

Kim Kempster Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Tracey O'Hara Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Rachel Khan Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Tina Wilbert Foundation Stage Nursery Nurse
Anita Lewis Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant
Claire Esposito Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant
Alison Clark Teaching Assistant - Named Child
Rosie Maccoll Teaching Assistant
Sue Matthewman Teaching Assistant
Caroline Ricciardi Teaching Assistant
Kelly Samuels Teaching Assistant
Fiona Schneider Teaching Assistant
Nicola Holmes Teaching Assistant -Named Child
Lynne Swindells Year 5/6 Unit Teaching Assistant
Gurdeep Kaur Teaching Assistant
Rachel Francis Unit Teaching Assistant
Kay Byrne Teaching Assistant
Sarah Stitson Teaching Assistant Named Child
Sarah Fincham Teaching Assistant / Unit Teaching Assistant
Sarah Gash  Teaching Assistant - Named Child
Penny Godfree Teaching Assistant - Named Child
Sue Sharman Teaching Assistant 
Jenny Wharton Teaching Assistant
Shameem Dar Teaching Assistant
Nicola Marchant Teaching Assistant
Jackie Johnson Learning Mentor
Rebecca Campling Librarian 

Office Staff

Kate McLaughlin Office Manager
Karen Russell Admin Assistant
Sara Cole Finance Assistant
Sue Nalton Admin Assistant (Part Time)
Vacancy Admin Assistant (Digital)
Sophia Mastrangelo-Binns DPO for OWN trust

Platform One Before and After School Club

Sue Matthewman Manager
Caroline Ricciardi Play Worker
Ben Firth Play Worker
Kelly Samuels Play Worker
Rebekah Craig Play Worker

Kitchen Staff

Libby Anderson Catering Manager
Ben Firth Catering Assistant
Michelle Eades Catering Assistant
Matthew Babbs               Catering Assistant

Site Staff

Danny Clifton Caretaker
Rachel Firth Cleaner
Sue Hawkswell Cleaner
Mark Clifton Cleaner

Midday Supervisors

Caroline Ricciardi Senior Midday Supervisor
Kerry Hayes-Palmer Midday Supervisor
Kelly Samuels Midday Supervisor
Shalini Nithaharan Midday Supervisor
Jackie Collins Midday Supervisor
Betty Latham Midday Supervisor
Jenny Wharton Midday Supervisor
Rebekah Craig Midday Supervisor
Katrina Kearney Midday Supervisor
Kayleigh Clifton Midday Supervisor
Vicky Gosnold Midday Supervisor
Kay Byrne Midday Supervisor
Susan Guttmann Midday Supervisor
Rebecca Nurser Midday Supervisor
Nicola Marchant Midday Supervisor