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Women's History Week

by Riddhi G, Year Five Junior Journalist

Women’s History Month is celebrated so that we can reflect on what women had to suffer in the past as then men and women did not have equal rights. You would think that a woman had created the name as it was their title but actually President Jimmy Carter. It can be celebrated all over the world, but it originated in Sonoma, California. This year in 2022 women’s history month will start on Tuesday March 1st and end on Thursday March 31st.


Women’s History Month first began as a local celebration in Santa Rosa, to highlight women's achievements and discuss gender equality as well as women’s concerns and challenges that women might have faced in the past. We also celebrate it to recognise the fact that securing peace and the full enjoyment of human rights.


Some of the reasons why we celebrate Women's History Month is because for a long time women haven't been able to vote or even have their own job. Rules for women were decided by men and were definitely not fair. Women were told that they had to do all of the housework and look after their children. They were not usually allowed to get any jobs but even if they did, they were not allowed to become a doctor, lawyer, and not even a teacher!


Life was very unfair. Some women did fight for their rights and suffrage, and this put them in big trouble (like being thrown in jail) but they kept on going. This particular group of people called themselves the “suffragettes” and because of the suffragettes, men started taking into account gender equality. We have them to thank that the world is a bit fairer, but unfortunately in some parts of the world women STILL get treated unfairly.


Here are some ways you can celebrate Women’s History Month:

  • Read a book about Women’s History
  • Read a book by a female author
  • Look into women’s achievements
  • Learn about the group of women called the “suffragettes” and how they were successful