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Year 4 Family Learning

Mrs Granville, Giraffes Class Teacher

It was fantastic to welcome Year 4 families back into school for our 2CanLearn. Year 4 have been investigating textile designs and techniques for joining, decorating and embellishing fabrics. 

Linked to our topic of 'Pirates,' children designed a new flag for a pirate ship.  This was to represent the facts, rather than the myths, we have learnt about pirates, and some children also designed a flag for a specific pirate they had researched. 

In our 2CanLearn, we created our final pieces, using felt, needles and thread and a selection of buttons and beads.  The hall was packed, and as the saying goes, 'many hands make light work!' We are very grateful that so many adults were able to join us, as sewing with 60 children is quite a big task!  The children are just putting the finishing touches on their flags, and we will tweet their finished work.