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Year 4 Mayan Drama Workshop 24.02.23

By Mrs Morris, Year 4 Teacher and Joint Online Safety Lead

On Friday 24th February, Year 4 took part in a Mayan Drama Workshop from The Drama Hut. They applied their fantastic knowledge of this ancient civilisation to create '10 second pictures’, making pyramids and playing pok-ta-pok (a mix of basketball and football).

Year 4 shared their learning of Chichén Itzá, where the Mayan made sacrifices at the top to honour their many gods and goddesses. They then smelt some cacao beans meant to have healing powers; some children said they smelt like dirty socks!

Their next activity was to create sculptures of the different Mayan gods and goddesses. The chosen child was sculpted by their group, then added themselves into the finished freeze frame. The rest of the children had to guess, and we had examples like the God of rain, storm, fire and moon.

Year 4 finished their workshop by listening to a famous myth called ‘The Hero Twins’ and re-enacting part of the myth with sounds and actions.