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Read about all the news and developments from our school library.

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  • The Library Corner- July 2024

    Published 11/07/24

    Mrs Campling, the school librarian, writes...

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  • Books Needed for September

    Published 05/07/24

    In September, we are looking to replenish our classroom book corners. If you have any books you are getting rid of that you would be happy to donate to the school, we would be very grateful to receive them!

    You can do this in one of two ways: by dropping off at the school office clearly labelled as ‘book corner donation’ – ideally with the target year group(s) indicated, or; by dropping into the appropriate donation boxes that will be on the playground in September.

    Thank you for your generosity

    Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

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  • Library Corner- May 2024

    Published 23/05/24

    By Mrs Campling, School Librarian


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  • The Library Corner - March 2024

    Published 22/03/24

    By Mrs Campling, the School Librarian

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  • World Book Day 2024

    Published 15/03/24

    Last week we celebrated World Book Day in school with a huge variety of costumes and creative activities. 

    Miss Tansley & Mrs Fidgett launched our celebrations on Monday with an assembly all about books, showcasing this year’s £1 books that can be bought with the book tokens that each child went home with.

    On World Book Day itself, Mrs Campling (or as she was on the day, ‘The Dragon in the Library’) managed to visit every class in the morning to deliver book tokens and decide on the top two costumes to receive a dojo prize and be part of a photograph for the Peterborough Telegraph - you can see the winners in the photo below!

    Mrs Campling also ran “CSI: Library” over the last two weeks, a crime scene puzzle activity that all classes took part in. KS1 had a number of clues to find in the library that would point them to the whos and whats of the crime, and KS2 had to engage their research skills and knowledge of books to answer a series of questions that, put together, would provide them with the solution to the crime. We were so impressed by the teamwork demonstrated across the school and the investigative skills put to use!

    Outside of the library, classes took part in a huge range of book-related activities:

    FS took part in a book-inspired PE session, imagining themselves as Jack climbing the beanstalk and then playing the bean game! They also teamed up with partners in different costumes to come up with actions for the characters they were dressed as.

    Year 1 had a visit from Kids Country UK to learn all about potatoes! With history, science, and some hands-on planting of their own, it was a really exciting experience (plus, potatoes were first grown in Peru, homeland of Paddington Bear!).

    Year 2 followed a drawing tutorial to create their own individual bookmarks, and played ‘the headband game’ which involves asking questions to discover which book character your headband has identified you as. They also enjoyed MC Grammar’s World Book Day Rap and designed new covers for their favourite books.

    Year 3 came up with their top 10 tips for enjoying reading and discussed all the books their fantastic costumes came from. They also made bookmarks designed to recommend good books to each other!

    Year 4 also made bookmarks, and spent some time designing a book that they’d love to read but doesn’t currently exist - this could be a sequel, or a retelling of a book from a different character’s point of view. They wrote a gripping paragraph to entice the reader and designed eye catching front covers.

    Year 5 made their own story-telling dice and combined them with friends to write their own stories. They also took part in a live lesson online.

    Year 6 took part in a live lesson and created their own comic strips. They were also the Detectives for the day in CSI:Library!

    The fun didn’t stop at the end of the school day, though! Teachers and children had a costume change from book characters into pjs ready for ‘bedtime stories’ in their classrooms. With a lot of hard work from Miss Tansley and her team, the school was transformed into a cosy, warm sanctuary with blankets, hot chocolate and biscuits from the kitchen, and even a roaring fire or two!

    Huge thanks to everyone who was involved in making our World Book Day celebrations so fantastic!

    Photo by AntonioSolano on Unsplash

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  • The Library Corner - December 2023

    Published 15/12/23

    By Mrs Campling, Librarian

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  • Book Fair in School

    Published 01/12/23

    We have the Scholastic Travelling Book fair in school next week, from Tuesday 5th Dec to Tuesday 12th Dec! Children will be able to browse during the day and the fair will be open to shop from at the FOWS Christmas Fayre on Friday 8th Dec.
    In the summer your shopping earned us over £400 to spend on books for school, so why not pop along for Christmas presents and see if we can break that record!

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  • Christmas Books and Ham

    Published 01/12/23

    In the summer, Mrs Campling asked you to send photos for “Green Books and Ham” showing you reading in all manner of unusual places! December sees its return in the form of CHRISTMAS Books and Ham – a Christmas version of the poem with lots more unusual, festive places that we want to see pictures of you reading in.

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  • The Library Corner - October 2023

    Published 20/10/23

    By Mrs Campling, Librarian

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  • The Library Corner - June 2023

    Published 09/06/23

    By Mrs Campling, Librarian

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  • The Library Corner - May 2023

    Published 05/05/23

    By Mrs Campling, Librarian

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  • Library Corner - OWPS World Book Day

    Published 10/03/23

    By Mrs Campling, Librarian

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